About Us

At Tipping Point, we are your biggest advocate, guiding you through strategic planning, sharing your stories, engaging your audiences, helping you manage the ups and downs, and together, celebrating your wins.

Passion. Dedication. Responsiveness.

The first ingredient in our focus on client success is our unique IGNITE Process. It is based on the belief that in order to create the best possible outcomes, you need insights and experience, genuine and passionate people, a laser-sharp focus on objectives (needs), and ideas that spark action, deliver results and exceed expectations. That is what our IGNITE process allows us to do, every time.

To be ignited, you have to be PASSIONATE.

To be passionate, you have to bring a sharp mind and an engaged heart, balancing smart strategy with genuine care for clients, colleagues and partners.

To be ingnited, you have to be DEDICATED.

We want to be a dedicated member of your team, helping you achieve your communication goals and get your message in front of the right people at the right time.

To be ignited, you have to be RESPONSIVE

Our marketing communications agency has a process in place for your success. Gaining a clear and complete understanding of your organization is essential to our ability to respond to your challenges with strategic solutions.

Thriving In A Constantly Changing Industry

In a constantly changing environment, it is hard to be consistently successful unless you are firmly grounded. We defined our core values — integrity & trust, likeability, learning and sharing, teamwork, and excellence and ownership — very carefully. They firmly root us while also inspiring us to grow and get better every day.

Our Success Is Deeply Rooted In Our Core Values: Integrity & Trust, Likeability, Learning & Sharing, Teamwork, Excellence & Ownership.

As a marketing company, we provide our clients with our expertise, our connections, and our talents. In other words, our people will become an extension of your team for some time.

In an industry that is continuously evolving, we were looking for character traits and skills to be the constants that keep us moving forward and keep us grounded in the process. Ultimately, we decided on these five core values:

  1. Integrity & Trust
  2. Likeability
  3. Learning & Sharing
  4. Teamwork
  5. Excellence & Ownership

They are put into practice here daily, and are emblazoned on our office walls to remind us that we strive not only to exceed your expectations in our work, but also in our behaviors and approach. We hold ourselves to this standard and foster an environment in which our employees work hard, have fun, and treat each other fairly. With more than 10 years of experience and 20+ team members, we know that’s the type of workplace that inspires people to achieve greatness.

We are your biggest advocate, guiding you through the ups and downs, and together, celebrating your wins.

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