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2019 Industry Awards Recap: Tipping Point Takes Home 14

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August 5, 2019
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That’s a wrap!

…and what an awards season it’s been. We couldn’t be more excited to share about some of our great work as we look back on our highlights from the 2019 industry awards season. 

AMA Pinnacle Awards

This year our team took home a total of three first-place awards from the Pinnacles, including two for our work with Olmsted Parks Conservancy in the “Video Not-for-Profit” and “Special Event Not-for-Profit” categories.

Last year, to celebrate 150 years of the Olmsted Parks system, the conservancy sought to increase awareness of the many benefits the parks bring to the communities they serve and to position Buffalo as a national pioneer when it comes to transforming urban spaces. As part of the 150th anniversary celebrations, the conservancy also wanted to reinforce its vital role as a membership-based, community organization whose mission is to promote, preserve, restore, enhance and maintain the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed landscape in the Greater Buffalo area. For our campaign, “FLOmingos,” we took 1,500 pink lawn flamingos and placed them in a line around the Buffalo park to create a fun, visually-appealing spectacle that not only drew attention to the anniversary, but helped Olmsted break a Guinness World Record for the longest line of pink flamingo lawn ornaments. Another 1,500 “FLOmingos” were also placed in flocks around 20 other park locations within Buffalo’s Olmsted Park system. Following the Guinness World Record ceremony, we held an adoption event for the flamingos, offering Buffalonians the opportunity to take one of the record-breaking law ornaments home with them. Any flamingos that were left without a home were recycled into a bench now on display in the park system. In addition to putting on and publicizing the event through earned and social media efforts, Tipping Point also produced, filmed and edited a video to commemorate the occasion.

Our team also took home an award in the “Photography Profit” category for our 2018 holiday card. The card, which featured a photo of our team, used augmented reality (thanks to our friends over Twisted Rope) to bring our team to life and jump off the cover right into the homes and offices of our clients. 

PRSA Rochester PRism Awards

Tipping Point won five awards at this year’s PRisms, including three first-place awards in the non-profit category on behalf of The Children’s Agenda (campaign, public affairs), ESL Federal Credit Union (element, feature story) and Olmsted Parks Conservancy (element, word-of-mouth):

  • Last year, The Children’s Agenda came to Tipping Point to gather support and attention about proposed legislation that would establish a waiting list for all new referrals to Early Intervention (EI) services in Monroe County, and to encourage the county to withdraw the waiting list and replace it with a solution that would eliminate the need for it. Using a shoestring budget, Tipping Point was able to put on a press conference that attracted nearly every media outlet in the Rochester market, in 26 story placements totaling more than $41,600 in advertising value and nearly 2.3 million impressions. As a result of the media exposure, we were able to meet our objective, as the Monroe County Executive made a statement announcing that she was withdrawing the proposed waiting list for infants and toddlers referred for Early Intervention evaluation, later that same day.
  • Last year was also a big year for ESL Federal Credit Union, which was ranked the #1 small business banking lender in the Greater Rochester area by the U.S. Small Business Administration. To help maximize coverage of this news, ESL and Tipping Point worked together to identify key moments in time that could be leveraged for additional publicity. By leveraging key moments in time during the month of October, and trusted relationships, our team was able to create a story that caught the attention of our region’s largest print publication. The feature story appeared on the front page of the business section in the Sunday paper, and was ultimately picked up by the USA Today network, garnering 21 pieces of coverage, an estimated audience reach of more than $98.4M and an ad value of more than $191.3K within just five days.
  • We were also recognized again for our work on Olmsted Parks’ FLOmingos event, this time for developing and executing the event’s social media strategy. Paired with our video and an aggressive media relations approach, our strategy resulted in Buffalonians “flocking” to the Olmsted park system to join the fun, helping us achieve peak awareness of the event. The story earned more than 409 million impressions, equating to more than $300,000 in ad value. The Associated Press also covered the story of the record-winning feat, generating media coverage in more than 200 cities across North America. 

Additionally, Tipping Point earned two second-place awards in the for-profit category for our work with Anchor Bar (element, press conference) and Bonadio Group (element, research/evaluation): 

  • The Anchor Bar, world-famous for creating the iconic Buffalo chicken wing, tasked Tipping Point last year with leading a press conference to help the franchise announce the grand opening of its 15th North American location in Hell’s Kitchen/Columbus Circle, New York City. The goal was to encourage locals and tourists to visit the home of the original chicken wing. Our planning an execution of the grand opening press conference resulted in coverage from heavy-hitters like the WSJ, New York Daily News and the Associated Press’s NYC Bureau, as well as local networks, which lead to additional coverage in markets across the state for a total of $169+ million impressions valued at nearly $357,000.
  • Tipping Point also partnered with Bonadio Group last year to help the firm conduct research to help determine whether expansion into the Dallas/Fort Worth area would accommodate the firm’s growth into the region and—if so—which specific areas would be best for Bonadio to open an office. Using data from Nielson/Scarborough, regional publications, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the DFW Airport (among others), we were able to compile a comprehensive report that offered a perspective on the DFW metroplex, as well as potential areas of growth and marketing opportunities. The report, which analyzed demographics, target audiences, commercial real estate/office spaces, and potential partnerships, informed Bonadio’s decision to expand to the DFW area; in September 2018, the firm announced the opening of its new Dallas office and now has an opportunity to build a broader client base in the DFW metroplex.

 PRSA Buffalo Niagara Excalibur Awards

We ended awards season on a high note this year, earning a total of six Excalibur Awards (the “Excals,” as they’re often called, are held in Buffalo – home to our second office). We again won three first-place awards for the video, press conference, and social media work we did on behalf of Olmsted Parks for FLOmingos, as well as one first-place award for our work with The Children’s Agenda.

We also earned two second-place awards; one for our work with Anchor Bar on its New York City grand opening press conference, and another for our work with the Rochester Housing Authority on a video designed to make it easier for low-income families to understand their complex leasing agreements. The 25-minute video is now used by RHA during its regular lease-up meetings, can be attributed to a drastic decrease in public housing lease violations since its use began in September 2018.

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