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4 Common Mistakes You're Making With Your SEM Campaigns

Written by:

Kathleen Fletcher

July 17, 2019
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Having audited and looking at countless accounts, there are 4 common mistakes have come up over and over again. These mistakes may be costly, and wasting your time. 

They are: 

1. Lack of Patience

2. Focusing on the wrong metrics

3. Lack of conversion tracking

4. Shiny Object syndrome


One of the biggest mistakes we see happen is when companies try something for 1 month of trying it out, and pull it. They pack up, and go back to the marketing they've been doing for the last 20 years.

Specifically in Google, there is what is called the Ramp up period. This is the period where Google is getting used to your keywords and targeting and what user is best for your business. This means the first 3-6 weeks might not look so good. Just like our first date, or riding a bike for the first time, it takes sometime to get going. SEM is not the best for every industry, but you need to try it out with at least 3 months.

Like the classic hockey stick model , when a company pulls their budget after a month, that could have been the point when Google is done flirting with your campaign and now familiar goes for the kill and your leads hockey stick.

What gets tracked, gets improved

Not setting up conversion tracking, or  KPI for your campaigns is a HUGE MISTAKE. Without it, does your clicks, impressions, CTR really matter? If you tell someone you just want clicks, you will be in for a lot of wasted dollars.

Setting up conversion tracking, whether it be a call, a form fill, length on your website, is essential for a viable campaign and allow you to make the most ROI positive decisions.

Tracking matters, but tracking the right metrics matters more

It is easy to get into the weeds, especially with Google or Facebook. There are what seems to be endless columns and metrics to look at, but do they all matter? Yes and No.

If you'r looking at all of them, all the time, you will never get anywhere. 




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