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Advertisers Adapting to Change

Written by:

Megan Tafelski

April 14, 2020
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Given the many changes that we have been experiencing together within the last few weeks, our lifestyles have altered considerably, and we are now getting settled into our new “normal.” That’s true for consumers, too.

Consumers’ behaviors have shifted into stay-at-home habits and they are now even more exposed to paid advertisements, whether through traditional television and radio, or through multiple digital platforms, such as websites, social media channels, and streaming TV.

Consumers are also changing their spending patterns, and marketers are analyzing this continuously evolving environment. For many marketers, the focus is now on paid campaigns promoting products and services that can be easily accessible for target audiences, but in an appropriate and sensitive manner. Professional marketers are making these necessary adjustments within their action plans while making sure to accommodate the current consumer demand at the same time.

The Nielsen Corporation, a marketing research firm, is tracking the direct impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak on consumers and within the advertising and marketing industry. To stay current and learn more about current consumer behaviors, click here Key Consumer Behavior Thresholds as the Coronavirus Outbreak Evolves.


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