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Get A Laser Focus Without the “Group” Thinking

Written by:

Kathleen Fletcher

June 15, 2018
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Get a Laser Focus Without the "Group" Thinking

There are times when a full-blown focus groups simply cannot provide the insights your business desires.

Sometimes the topic may be too sensitive for a group setting. Perhaps there are high-profile individuals who prefer their feedback to remain anonymous.

One-on-one interviews, sometimes called in-depth interviews, may be a better solution. They are individual conversations moderated by an interviewer that provide an opportunity to delve into topics more in-depth.

Although these interviews are shorter than a full-blown focus group (15 to 20 minutes instead of a 90- to 120-minute focus group), they still require the same amount of thoughtful preparation and moderator guidance. This ensures consistency and enables an appropriate assessment of information gained across all the interviews.

It takes more than a dozen one-on-one interviews to be able to identify recurring themes and gain the same number of insights as a single focus group.

However, the quality of the perspectives gained from these in-depth interviews are typically very high.

Participants don’t adjust how they communicate their opinions due to the presence or feedback of others, so businesses are more likely to get unvarnished opinions.

One-on-ones enable the interviewer to establish a stronger rapport with each participant, opening the door to future follow-up questions.

One-on-one interviews do require more prep and interview time for a moderator than a single focus group. But the extra time spent with each individual respondent will result in a more meaningful depth of insights making in-depth interviews a useful tactic to many research projects.


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