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Kicking Nerves to the Curb: An Intern Perspective

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Kathleen Fletcher

September 21, 2017
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Taylor Sheehan, a student at Syracuse University, wrote this blog post about her summer intern experience at Tipping Point Communications.

 At Tipping Point Communications, our interns quickly become a crucial part of the team and we thoroughly enjoy watching them jump in head first and learn and grow during their time here. We asked our summer 2017 intern Taylor to document her experience with the Tipping Point team!

As I was walking into Tipping Point on my first day as a public relations intern, I could feel the nerves kicking in. Normally I am not one to get nervous, but I knew that heading into my senior year at Syracuse University, this was the summer I had to prove myself as a valuable asset in the world of public relations. Not even ten minutes into the day, I was presented with the opportunity to help out at the grand opening of the Center for Aesthetics and Anti-Aging with celebrity guest Antonio Sabato Jr. that was happening the next day. My response: “What time should I be there?!”


Tipping Point Communications Internship

As the summer progressed, I found myself supporting more photo-ops, grand opening events, PR team meetings and early morning news shows than I could keep track of. Each day was a different task, another client, and more experience I could put under my belt.

I like to think I had become Jamie Frumusa’s sidekick (Thanks, Jamie!).  I would observe the way she handled herself (flawlessly) in challenging situations on a daily basis, see how she interacted with her clients and learn from her every critique.

I found that in my position, 8-5 was not nearly enough time to learn everything I wanted to get experience in! I was building media lists, political affairs invitation lists, completing social media research, creating social content, drafting media alerts and releases, preparing press material for the next photo-op and conducting media follow-up calls.

The day I realized I was fully confident in my choice of not only an internship but the field of public relations, was when I found myself driving to Henrietta at 5 a.m. to assist at a morning show at Lewis General Tires. I was fully aware that this was something not many interns got the chance to do. I was able to meet the morning show crew from 13 WHAM, ask some questions, watch how they organized their morning (knowing that every morning is much different for them) and just be present at a day I was looking forward to since I was asked to join. When I find myself in my own career path, these are the types of exciting days I strive to have, even if it is at early hours.

On my first day I remember Barbara Pierce telling me, “Everyone is coming out of college with the same hypothetical experience, it’s the real world experience that will set you apart from the pack.”

That stuck with me throughout my time at Tipping Point. If an opportunity arose, I quickly took it and if there was a chance to do something out of my comfort zone, I would do it no questions asked…well maybe some questions asked, because I was still an eager intern. S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications has given me all of the theoretical experience I could ask for and more over the course of three years, but it can only get me so far.

My time at Tipping Point allowed me to put everything I had learned in a classroom to use as well as learn to deal with the unpredictability of public relations that is, the real world. I will be forever grateful to Tipping Point for taking a chance on me this summer and allowing me to be an integral part of the company.


Interested in an internship at Tipping Point Communications? Let us know! 


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