About Us: Client Bill Of Rights

Client Bill Of Rights

When working with Tipping Point Communications, you can expect transparency, accountability, and results. In other words, you can expect:

1) Us to be your marketing communications agents acting only in your best interests;

2) That your marketing communications agency does not also own or sell media;

3) To receive itemized invoices upon request;

4) To see available performance data and know where/when your advertising runs;

5) To receive and pay your media and vendor invoices directly;

6) To receive unbiased recommendations that are not influenced by our business or personal relationships;

  • We make upfront media volume forecasts with suppliers to secure the best/lowest rates available that will run, with limited preemption.
  • Supplier trips are offered to the client for whom qualified for the incentive; if that client does not accept the trip it may be offered to another Tipping Point client or employee as determined by the supplier.
  • We do not make spending commitments with suppliers with the goal of receiving incentives.

i. That rebates and/or meals are used for staff development purposes.

7) To receive the value of ANY and ALL  discounts tied to your specific media or technology spends with specific vendors;

8) To have the opportunity to receive products, tickets, gifts and other items that are delivered or given to the agency because of that client’s purchases with a specific media supplier or other vendor;

9) To know the related media technology costs;

10) Formally audited financial statements related to media buys and other client-related vendor invoices;

11) To request reconciliation of hours for retainers and projects;

12) To request a retainer or fee-based compensation agreement vs. commission model; and understand the calculation of media commissions using the standard agency commission model.

13) To know if we are subcontracting work and to whom.

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