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In a situation changing by the hour, the best any of us can do is to continue to be prepared for what’s next and communicate clearly, honestly and often with stakeholders that matter most to your business.

If you and your organization need communications support during this difficult time, please know that we’re here to help.

In addition, if your company or organization have some uplifting news to share, such as new ways to support vulnerable populations in this time of need, or new research or treatments that could help stem the coronavirus, we would love to hear from you.

Check out our BLOG for complimentary marketing communications insights on COVID-19. Need more specific support? See below for additional offerings or drop us a note NOW.


  • Daily COVID-19 News Roundup
    Staying on top of federal, state, county and public health agency news briefings is a full-time job and your plate is already full. It can also be difficult to navigate what news is real and what is misinformation. That’s why Tipping Point is providing clients with a comprehensive daily news briefing of the ongoing coronavirus situation delivered right to your inbox. Each report includes the day’s top headlines across all levels of government, links to key resources, and a personalized summary of news related to your business sector, audience, region(s) or combination thereof.
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  • Crisis Communications Consultation and Execution
    Our team of crisis communications experts are here 24/7 to help you navigate this unprecedented situation now and through recovery. We can assist with guidance on best communications practices, and offer strategic counsel and capacity building services such as internal and external messaging and media relations.
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  • Media Planning and Buying
    Need advice on how best to pivot your existing advertising campaigns for this new climate? Our media planning experts can provide counsel on how to stay engaged with your customers through this global crisis and set the right tone. Keep in mind that your customers are online and on social almost every day, if not all day, while working from home during this pandemic. They’re also playing their favorite video games, binge-watching their favorite shows on Hulu, tuning in to their favorite YouTuber, listening to their favorite songs on Spotify, or looking for new things to try.
    Our network of creative artists, videographers and copywriters can assist with swift, effective and sensitive messaging, and our buying team can get your message out to your target audiences on the right channels at the right time.
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  • Social Media
    With schools closed and millions of people working from home, social media is more important than ever before. Your audiences are engaging on social every day, sharing the latest news, asking questions, staying in touch with family and friends, and finding creative and interesting things to do. Make sure your brand is right there with them, on the right channel, at the right time. Let us assist you.
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  • Public Affairs and Legislative Advocacy Consultation and Support
    If your company or organization is trying to track all of the federal, state and municipal mandates, as well as legislation that is being debated related to COVID 19, our team is here to help with daily briefings and more. For legislation that could impact your company or organization, we can provide proactive legislative advocacy support. Or, if you simply want to improve communications with your public officials and make sure they are apprised of how coronavirus is impacting your business or organization, and your workers, let us support you.
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  • Proactive Media Relations
    Looking to communicate your efforts to assist those in need or ensure consumers know the latest about your business operations? Do you have a new treatment or offering that could make a difference? Does your company have uplifting stories that would be meaningful to our community? We can help get the word out through the right channels, at the right time.
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  • Proactive Marketing Communications Planning – Recovery-Oriented
    When the worst of the virus is over, people everywhere will be eager to get back to normal as fast as possible. Make sure your company or organization is ready to hit the ground running (and get a leg up on your competition) by planning your marketing communications strategies and tactics now. Our team of experienced strategists is here to help.
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Why Choose Tipping Point Communications?

Tipping Point Communications has years of experience managing a large variety of issues impacting a wide range of organizations and industries. Our extensive experience includes everything from addressing the most gut-wrenching incidents involving employees, clients, or customers, to dealing with frustrating online rumors and anything in between.  

Our crisis communications team is empathetic,discreet, and motivated — so you can rest assured that we will do anything in our power to help your company walk away from any crisis with your reputation intact.

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