Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Marketing Strategy & Consulting: We Are The Unbiased, Trusted Adviser By Your Side.

Marketing used to be simple: put an ad in the paper or book a TV spot and wait for phone calls to start coming in. Now, your audience is watching ad-free streaming services while scrolling through their Facebook feeds at the same time. They Google your products and make buying decisions before coming to the store. The media landscape has changed and they are all bombarded with tens of thousands of promotional messages every day.

The only way to cut through the noise and ensure that your message is heard is with careful planning and a smart strategy. Since Tipping Point Communications' expertise covers all aspects of marketing, across paid, earned, and owned, both traditional and digital, we will identify the right mix to help you reach your goals.

In addition to tracking, managing, and reporting on specific marketing KPIs, our clients often look to us for guidance beyond a single marketing campaign. Because of our depth and breadth of services and extensive business expertise, we consult on complex business questions that can impact your organization as a whole. For example:

  • Rebranding: Does a re-brand make sense at this point? How much brand equity do you actually have and can you afford to re-brand right now? Or is it more beneficial to adjust your messaging?
  • Product Research & Diversification: Can we predict how this product will be received across the United States? Is there anything we could improve upon before launching it?
  • Company Values & Perceptions: How are our business decisions reinforcing — or contradicting — the company values we espouse?


Why Choose Tipping Point Communications?

Tipping Point Communications offers a unique value proposition to organizations in Western and Central New York as well as the rest of the United States. In addition to being the go-to research partner for business and consumer insights, we also combine years of experience in public relations, media planning and buying, inbound marketing, and traditional advertising for organizations in diverse industries, especially in professional services, healthcare, higher education, and destination and tourism marketing.

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