Current Availability: Media Buyer - Buffalo, NY

Media Buyer - Buffalo, NY

Full-time, Buffalo, NY

Duties encompass but are not limited to:

Media Buying (70%):

  • Media buying: Traditional and/or Digital Media including RFPs to vendors, proposal analysis, and negotiation of paid media and added value
  • Ensures accurate delivery, ratings, share projection estimates for all clients
  • Stewardship of media buys including makegoods, reconciliation and accurate post analysis
  • Provides media summary documents that showcase negotiation and added value
  • Understands research resources available i.e. Arbitron, Nielsen, comScore and has proficient use of Strata for analysis and audience projections
  • Understands and is certified in Google AdWords and Analytics
  • Proactive about ways to maximize the client’s media impact within their budget (added value sponsorships, special opportunities)
  • Well versed in how to work with media vendors and skilled in negotiation
  • Can independently handle various vendor issues (discrepancies, rate problems, etc.)
  • Able to confidently present a recommendation to account managers
  • Planning support i.e. cost per point and budgeting estimates; impression levels, etc.
  • Takes advantage of media types greatest strengths (understanding values of each media type; use for reach delivery/frequency building, coverage, etc.)
  • Researches target audience media consumption habits, evolving media options, latest trends and newest opportunities available in the advertising industry
  • Understands client business

General Maintenance (10%):

  • Help prepare deadline charts as needed for creative and traffic materials for vendors when needed in order to ensure delivery of materials on time to vendors
  • Communicate and meet frequently with various vendors in order to stay current on existing opportunities as well as cultivate important relationships

Vendor Invoice Management (15%):

  • Match and reconcile vendor invoices in accordance to the vendor invoice schedule
  • Work with accounting team to refine processes and meet deadlines
  • Manage the monthly process in order to stay on schedule

General Admin Time (5%):

  • Timesheet entry, staff meetings, etc.

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