Media Buying

Media Buying: We Treat Your Money Like It's Ours

The secret to successful media buying is maximizing your return-on-investment — or in other words, getting you the best bang for your buck. Our strong team has helped countless national/global clients determine how to most effectively invest their media buying dollars. We have extensive experience in:

  • All forms of media: digital/online, social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram), television, traditional as well as online/satellite radio, out-of-home, print, and non-traditional. 
  • Different regional markets: Local (e.g., Buffalo, Rochester, Upstate NY region), specific areas (i.e., Cleveland, Branson and more), as well as national.
  • Various industries: healthcare, senior living, financial services & banking, non-profit, higher education, and more. 

While a lot of our success comes with our experience, we also use exploratory opportunities and experimental mediums for a small portion of your budget to carve out competitive advantages for our clients. For example, we A/B test all of our digital media buying campaigns. If we see something doesn't work, it can be adjusted with a click of a button.

Why Choose Tipping Point Communications?

We take significant pride in the wealth and breadth of experience our team can provide to our clients. For example, one of our founding members is a former TV and radio sales manager and knows the ins and outs of media buying from the media point of view. This kind of experience gives us a significant advantage in negotiating with the media on your behalf.

Because of our significant buying power and the excellent negotiation skills of our media buyers, we are able to provide our customers on average with a 30% value-add — no matter the budget. In addition, we treat our client's money like it is our money: we obsessively track and account for every dollar you spent, and we ensure your ad is run or match the amount that hasn't been used. 

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