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Media Planning: Choosing The Right Media Mix

Media planning is all about sourcing and choosing the right media mix for your brand, product, or service to achieve your marketing campaign objectives. While many media resources have a stake in (or own outright) certain media outlets, we pride ourselves on being media-agnostic and recommend only what we believe will provide you with the best results possible. 

Our media planners have decades of combined experience in our clients' markets and know how to reach your target audiences. We are proficient at planning and buying all forms of media and we are experts at researching and negotiating the best possible advertising placements at the lowest prices for all media outlets.

Our media planners work in harmony with our media buyers by providing them with research-based creative media strategies that create tangible results.

Why Choose Tipping Point Communications?

One of Tipping Point Communications' key differentiators is our near-obsession with measurement and tracking, holding ourselves accountable for every dollar, and providing complete transparency. This way, we can ensure that your media buying budget is allocated wisely and your advertising schedule runs as ordered. You would be surprised at how many dollars are spent on ads that never run!

In addition, we are media-agnostic — in other words, we do not own or have an intrinsic interest in a specific media channel or medium. Therefore, we will only recommend what is best for your strategic objectives, rather than play into our own pocket.

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