Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing: Guarantee Your Spot In Search Results 

While it's nice to organically rank for relevant search terms, sometimes it is not possible or would take too long to earn your way to the top of the list. In these cases, paid search (also called search engine marketing or SEM) gives marketers the ability to appear in relevant search results by bidding on relevant terms. With an investment in SEM, search engines (specifically Google or Bing) will display small text ads, product listings, and video content on its search result pages or within its ad network.

When implementing an SEM strategy, it is crucial to differentiate between mobile and non-mobile users. Where a user is searching says a lot about their needs and intent. Mobile users usually search with the intention of immediately acting upon their search (buying tickets for a movie tonight, calling a local store for product availability, etc.). In fact, 40% of all searches performed on a mobile device have local intent.

Why Choose Tipping Point Communications?

Tipping Point Communications is a Google Ads Certified Partner Tipping Point Communications is a Google Ads Certified Partner Agency. We provide overall strategy, keyword research, ad copy recommendations, reporting, and analysis necessary to achieve positive ROI.

Our team is well versed in the many tools available to marketers, enabling us to not only set up the best campaigns for our clients but also to make adjustments throughout these campaigns to achieve optimal results. No matter what the budget, our highest priority is to deliver tangible results that impact your bottom line — digging deep into analytics beyond the initial click. Our reporting is insightful, useful, and transparent.

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