Public Affairs

Public Affairs: Be Loud, Be Clear, Be Relevant.

Whether you are a large financial institution, a tourism alliance, a local university, a non-profit organization, or any other business, you are part of a local community that is governed and influenced by government institutions, legislators, NGOs, interest groups, and activists.

Working with public affairs professionals can help you, your organization, or your company persuade decision-makers, whether they are elected officials, residents in a community, or registered voters. But Public Affairs isn’t just about “who you know.” To be effective, you need to have the right message and the ability to get it to the right people. Using our expertise in media, public relations, and politics, we create and manage public affairs campaigns to meet your needs. In addition to our traditional public relations, creative media strategies, and digital marketing, our public affairs capabilities include:

  • Government Relations. We will identify the elected and non-elected officials who matter to your industry or organization and develop a tailored engagement strategy. From special events to personal meetings, we know how to make your outreach and communications matter.
  • Economic Development. We are very passionate about creating local communities that thrive. We have years of experience in community development, including supporting economic development, placemaking, and real estate development challenges. We know how to find true influencers and advise our clients on relationship-building and -balancing to improve public perception and embracing of progress.
  • Community Relations. A community needs healthy communication and relationship management to thrive long-term. By engaging communities, community groups, and relevant influencers, we help align community groups around causes to improve the lives and economic opportunities of their neighborhoods.
  • Community Health and Health Policy. We all know that healthcare and behavioral change communication is tricky. No one likes to be told they have to stop smoking, exercise more, or eat healthier. This kind of preaching-to-the-choir mentality has led many community health and health policy campaigns to failure. Our proven, psychology-based approach enables you to change your audience's perspective and get them on board, rather than push them away!
  • Issues Management. Issues can arise at any moment. The best way to minimize the risk of one snowballing into a huge crisis is to be prepared. Our Issue Management and Communication planning, workshops, and training can help you do just that. In case you are already facing an issue, we have your back as well — 24/7, 365!
  • Digital Advocacy. The majority of people now get their information online and we can use that to your advantage. We’ll help establish your online presence and figure out the best strategy to get your message out across all platforms: digital media buying, mobile advertising, paid social media, and more.


Why Choose Tipping Point Communications?

Tipping Point Communications has the knowledge and experience to help you build relationships, shape opinion and raise awareness to get results. Our team has worked with corporations, nonprofit organizations, government, and political campaigns.

And we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our comprehensive services include key message development, through media briefings, and even media training — whatever your spokespeople need to maximize every earned media opportunity out there. We’ll leverage our team’s long-standing relationships with reporters, editors, freelance writers, bloggers, and columnists across national, regional, and local media to generate tangible results.


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