Public Relations

Public Relations

Today's media landscape is crowded and complicated. On the one hand, it is increasingly harder to get an "in" with journalists, while on the other hand, consumers are bombarded with tens of thousands of promotional messages a day. How can your message stand out among all this noise? Our PR philosophy is simple: "Be smart and generate results."

To achieve that, we utilize a unique mix of PR services to get you to your goal:

  • PR Strategy and Planning. When it comes to Public Relations, it can be very tempting to just jump in, try something out, and see what sticks. But successful PR is done with careful planning and a strategic mix of different tactics.
  • Media Relations & Publicity. Want publicity beyond the press release? Our media relations and publicity team has an excellent network of contacts that can put your company, product, or non-profit organization in the spotlight of public attention.
  • Event Management. We know what it takes to successfully throw a large grand opening, conference, and exclusive VIP event. Trust us with the managing of your next event or trade show presence so you can focus on engaging with your guests.
  • Copywriting. Most people hate writing case studies, newsletters, speaker biographies, and other PR copy that every organization needs. We have a bench of outstanding writing talent that can weave inspiring words about any topic.
  • Speaking Engagements & Speaker Training. Some people are born public speakers, but most aren't. We can help you get a speaking engagement booked, write your speech, and train with you to engage and excite your audience by teaching you proven speaking and body language strategies, and much more. All you have to do is show up!
  • Employee Communications. Your employees are your biggest asset and often your most enthusiastic promoters — if you engage them. Employee communications is perhaps the most critical but overlooked component of every communications campaign you initiate.
  • Executive Communications. As an executive, you are constantly in the spotlight — whether conducting a press conference, an employee town hall meeting, or just speaking to your local beat reporter. We can help you to be your best self.
  • Media Training. Do you have a media appearance or need to be ready to speak as a subject matter expert with little-to-no notice? Our media training will get you prepped from the important details (for example, the best clothes to wear on-camera) to the big things (how to respond to a reporter's challenging questions, and the things to avoid at all costs).

Why Choose Tipping Point Communications?

Our innovative campaign strategies and flexible, results-oriented implementation are fueled by our clients who expect from us:

  • Strategic plans that produce tangible results
  • Experienced and efficient PR expertise
  • Development of in-house PR and social media teams
  • Consultants attuned to their needs
  • Smart, connected and fun individuals who are a pleasure to do business with

Of course, we’re experts in all things Public Relations. We know how to help you build and protect your reputation, build relationships with important audiences, and we specialize in the fine art of conversation — two-way dialogue that helps you succeed.

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