Our People, Your Team

"The Tipping Point is a place where [...] radical change is more than a possibility."

— Malcolm Gladwell

Creating tipping points and facilitating radical changes for our clients is our mission — but we can only achieve that with the right people. To achieve that, we heavily invest in our team in terms of training, 1:1 development, and coaching, including:

  • Utilizing brain-based communications methodologies to focus on the development of our internal team members,
  • Regularly reviewing and assessing client/vendor/colleague relationships to celebrate synergies and address any potential issues before they become obstacles, and
  • Continuously learning and coaching to ensure we are constantly growing as individuals, professionals, and as a team.

Here are the people who make it all possible!

Michelle Ashby
Linda Stellman
VP Finance and Operations
Bridget Andrews-1-1
Bridget Andrews
Media Director
Melissa Yacuzzo
Senior Account Supervisor/Buffalo Office Director
Megan Connor Murphy
Megan Connor Murphy
Vice President, Business Development & Public Affairs
Jamie Frumusa
PR Director
Kathleen Fletcher (1)-1
Kathleen Fletcher
Communications Supervisor
Joyce_Ramierez B&W
Joyce Ramirez
Account Executive
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Olivia Rotondo
Olivia Rotondo
Assistant Account Executive

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Rashad Smith
Street Team Lead
Kristin Riley
Kristin Riley
Senior Account Supervisor
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Brian Beiner
Brian Beiner
Media Supervisor
Lindsey Matsuba
Media Supervisor
Brain VanDenBergh
Brian VanDenBergh
Account Executive

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Tim Davidson-2-1
Tim Davidson
PPC Manager
Olivia Rotondo
Olivia Rotondo
Research Project Manager
Patrick Stellman
Patrick Stellman
Bookkeeper & Compliance Manager

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