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Tipping Point Academy

Tipping Point Academy's teaching- and listening-focused programs make learning easy and help facilitate strategic discussions that lead to tangible outcomes.


Our workshops serve as discovery sessions, where our team and yours come together to develop understanding and new knowledge. Academy experts lead engaging and productive Q&A and brainstorming sessions that turn ideas into actionable marketing communication strategic plans aligned with your organization’s objectives. 

  • Crisis Communication Planning Workshop
  • Buyer Person Workshop


Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester: "Thanks so much for leading us through this exercise.  Everyone seemed really charged up and engaged.  It was exactly what we needed!" -Alice Calabrese, President & CEO


Tipping Point Academy experts can show your team how to effectively engage with your audiences in a variety of subject areas. These “done-in-a-day” marketing communications sessions import actionable knowledge that can be implemented immediately.

Social Media 101. Improve your brand’s social media/online engagement on the platform(s) of your choice, with this step-by-step, tutorial-style session. This hands-on training is perfect for organizations looking to boost their in-house team’s capabilities, so that you can maximize ROI of this ever-changing, and essential, engagement tool.  You will learn how to set goals, industry best practices, how/why/what/ to post, scheduling, measurement, and using paid tactics to drive awareness and engagement — all customized for your team’s specific needs and tailored to your organization’s industry.

Publicity 101. The media landscape can be hard to navigate. During this four-hour training, we’ll dive into the communications universe — owned, earned, and paid content, so you can identify the best tactics to achieve your brand’s media relations objectives. Appropriate tactics to earn media coverage, building media lists, developing a rapport with reporters, and coverage monitoring/reporting.

Media Training. Trained spokespeople are the most powerful voices for successful brands and organizations. Media training is as important for new spokespeople as it is for experienced brand ambassadors. We’ll identify and address each spokesperson’s fears and concerns, discuss how to get prepared to talk with the press, take a deep-dive on interviewing tips and tricks, and conclude with on-camera mock interviews.

Why Tipping Point Communications?

Tipping Point Academy experts will show your team how to effectively engage with your audiences in a variety of marketing communications subject areas. These “done-in-a-day” sessions import actionable knowledge that can be implemented immediately.

Looking for a quick and efficient way to get your team aligned and thinking strategically about important marcom tactics? Training a new hire on appropriate execution, but don’t have the capacity to do so in-house? Our built-to-suit training programs are a great way to develop the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to get the job done.


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