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Tipping Point  (ˈtɪp.ɪŋ ˌpɔɪnt) noun  — 1. The moment when an idea or product catches fire, — 2. Radical change we achieve for our clients every day. — 3. Top-tier marketing agency of choice for companies who want their message to convert into action.

COVID-19 Response Support.

A global pandemic. A national public health emergency. None of us have ever experienced a situation like coronavirus, COVID-19, before. 

In a situation that changes by the hour, the best any of us can do during these next few days and weeks is to continue to plan and prepare - and communicate.

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Going Through A Major Reorg?

If you are anticipating or undergoing a major organizational change like a merger, acquisition, C-suite personnel change, or opening a new facility, we will ensure that your internal and external communications run smoothly.

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Are You Unhappy With Your Media Agency?

Is your media buying agency not bringing the results they promised? Or maybe ads you paid for never ran -- and because of a lack of proper accounting, you didn't find out in time to make a difference? Whatever the reason, if you are unhappy, our media team is ready to change that!

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Not Sure If You Are Doing The Right Thing?

Not sure if your new branding, marketing message, or advertising creative will have the hoped-for effects? Hold a focus group to confirm, reinforce, support, or reject a strategy before rolling it out and spending marketing dollars on something that won't work.

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Contemplating A Rebrand?

Rebranding can be a risky adventure if you're not sure how much equity you have in your brand, if a rebrand would be worth the effort, or if adjusting your messaging would be a more effective and affordable strategy. Our branding and strategy experts will give you clarity. 

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Is Your Staff Prepared For The Worst?

If a board member makes a very public faux pas, or a tragic accident happens in your facilities, does your team know what to do, whom to call, and what to say? Our staff media and crisis communication training and workshops will prepare your team.

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Planning A Special Event Or Grand Opening?

If you are planning a special event, from grand openings to groundbreakings, expert forums to trade show happy hours, our public relations and media teams can help you get the word out, invite important stakeholders, and keep all the details working smoothly. 

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Get Expert Advice, Tips, And Tricks In Our Marketing Resource Library!

Check out our growing library of marketing eBooks, guides, case studies and other valuable resources.
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Customer Stories

For more than 10 years, we have helped hundreds of professional services firms, higher education organizations, non-profits, healthcare institutions, nursing facilities, and other businesses get their marketing messages heard.

Check out our featured customer case studies:

HudsonValleyCommuityCollege (1)

Tipping Point provided a first-class experience for all 25 members of our resource development and community impact teams.  The Storytelling Workshop helped us to polish our messaging, focus our presentations and make stronger connections with the individuals and groups that we present to on a daily basis. 

Chief Operating Officer at United Way of Greater Rochester

Cicely Strickland-Ruiz
Chief Operating Officer, United Way of Greater Rochester

“We recently conducted several focus groups at Tipping Point’s new facility on University Avenue. We were very pleased with the clean, comfortable, convenient and attractive venue. The people at Tipping Point were attentive to our needs and provided excellent support and communications throughout the project. We are very satisfied customers. ”
Blue Lakes Associates

Dick Honeyman
Blue Lake Associates

"My company held two focus groups at Tipping Point. The focus groups ran well from beginning to end. The staff was easily accessible when needed. They were incredibly organized and I would definitely hold another group there!”

Director of Outreach & Marketing, CCCS of Rochester

Lynette Baker
Director of Outreach & Marketing, CCCS of Rochester

“We continue to do business with Tipping Point because of their experience in tourism and entertainment marketing. They are truly a partner of DDM. We feel they have our company’s growth in mind, not just their piece of the puzzle. Their success can be attributed to their desire to try new things and their combination approach of data and creativity. Their approach has been very integrated, aligning all tactical efforts and content strategy to fit with our sales funnel and our customer’s journey. The strategy is very transparent and ROI is clearly measured”
DDM Entertainment & Events

Glenn Dobbin
Partner and CEO of DDM Entertainment & Events

"Tipping Point Communications’ full-service focus group facilities and staff will put participants at ease while you observe their reactions in the comforts of the client suite. The atmosphere allows participants to be candid, critical or complimentary and they leave the session saying ‘that was fun!’”

Lynette Loomis- The Marketing Strategist

Lynette Loomis
The Marketing Strategist

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